Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A birth story

September 24, 2008

Dear Caleb David,

Well, you have a name, so that means that you are here and are a boy! Despite the fact that it was 50/50 that you would be a boy, I was pretty surprised. I think the fact that I already have a girl just caused me to assume that you would be a girl too. So, here’s the story of how you came into this crazy world:

Thursday morning, your daddy got up to go to work, and I turned over in bed and I thought my water broke. It was a good amount of liquid and I couldn’t imagine what else it could be. I never had any “leakage” of anything with your big sister. So, we called the midwives and we got an appointment to come in. However, I was not having any contractions at this point. But I got super excited that I thought you would be coming soon and we got all the bags packed and dropped your big sister off with Mimi and headed down. We stopped and had breakfast and then went to our appointment. I was very disappointed to hear that it was not my water that broke, but probably just more mucus plug. I actually started crying in the exam room because I was so anxious to get you out and I was just so tired of being pregnant. So, home we went and daddy wasted a day off and we were all just sort of bummed out and annoyed. I was definitely irritable. We went to bed a little late and I woke up around 1 in the morning with some contractions. They weren’t super strong, but they were strong enough to wake me up. They were coming every 15 minutes or so. After trying to sleep for a while, I got up and started timing them. I got your daddy up at 3 am. They got as close as 5 minutes apart and I really thought I was going into labor now. I called the midwife at 4 in the morning. She advised me to try to get some more rest. When we laid back down, they slowed down to 15 to 20 minutes again. We got up around 6 and I basically timed contractions all day long and your daddy stayed home again, but we still had no real labor. All day long they remained 10 to 15 minutes apart and not extremely intense. We went down to the center to get checked and I was still less than 2 cm dilated. I couldn’t believe it! So we left and your daddy and I made a plan. We were going to stop thinking about the contractions. We were going to go out to dinner and enjoy some time together, pick up your big sister and spend some time with her. Then we were going to drop her off at her Babcia’s house, rent a movie and relax. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans…
During dinner, I definitely had some contractions that I had to concentrate through. But I did not time then and tried to ignore them. We picked Nadia up and headed down to Marcin’s mom’s house. We stopped and got the movie. This whole time, I’m having noticeable contractions, but I’m refusing to look at the time. We spent some time at his mom’s house, but I was getting pretty uncomfortable and not in my “comfort zone,” so I wanted to get out of there. On the way home, I told Marcin that I thought we should skip the movie and just try to get some rest. I think we got home around 8 and tried to lay down. But the contractions were now getting significant and every 7 minutes. Given the whole day and the two false trips I’d already taken to the center, we were determined to wait until they were 4 minutes apart before doing anything else. By 9, I simply couldn’t lay down anymore. They were just too intense and I was needing to vocalize through them. Your daddy was doing an excellent job of giving me messages and putting pressure in other places to distract my attention from my uterus. I started to feel a lot of pressure and was trying to go to the bathroom so as to avoid any messiness while pushing you. Your dad decided it might be a good idea to put a towel on the bed, and literally on the next contraction, my water broke. It was a little after 10. I got to the toilet and the rest of my water came out. Marcin called the midwife and she told us to come right in. I didn’t even talk to her, but she probably heard me vocalizing through the contractions anyway. It was suddenly incredibly intense. I thought I needed to vomit, but I didn’t. The contractions seemed almost constant, but I did have enough time in between to get dressed and get into the car. It’s quite ironic that this was the exact situation that I had been trying to avoid… going through transition in the truck. But here we were, two and ½ years later in the exact same situation of driving down town while my contractions were every two minutes with very little time in between. I did all the classic, “Why am I doing this?” and other things you say when you’re in the middle of transition. Daddy called both grandmas. My mom said she would meet us down there. It was a very painful ride through pretty significant traffic at 11 pm on a Friday night. I did even think to myself how odd it was that so many people where out, dressed in their clubbing clothes to party for the night and I’m coming down in my husband’s t shirt, no bra, and disposable diapers asking God to help me through every second because I thought I was going to lose my mind. Weird that I could even have that thought at the time. I specifically remember one girl’s sequined strapless shirt. Anyway, there was no where to park near the center, so your daddy just jumped the curb and parked on the side walk. There was no way I was walking several blocks in that condition. Your daddy got me in there and I just landed on the bed sideways and didn’t want to move. The midwife checked me and I was 9 ½ cm dilated. One more contraction and I was a 10 and started pushing immediately. After just a couple pushes, they could already see the head. I reached down and could feel a bit of your head. I was trying very carefully to listen to the midwife’s instructions of when to blow and not push so to minimize any tearing. With Nadia, I had been pushing so long I just didn’t care, but this time, since it had only been 15 minutes or so, I really tried to follow the instructions. I couldn’t believe how soon your head was born. Again, there was a little trouble with your shoulders, but nothing like with Nadia. But I certainly did have to push your shoulders out. Then, there you were. Right up onto my belly, all blue and squishy. They rubbed you a bit and you started crying. Oh, I was so happy to see you and to be done with all that labor! Then we turned you over to see what you were. A Boy! I really couldn’t believe it. We had a boy! My mom and sister arrived sometime around then, right after you were born. They hadn’t even clamped your cord yet. I was trying to get the placenta out and I handed you over to your dad. Again, I had to push pretty hard to get that placenta out and again, I had some trailing membranes. Not as bad as with Nadia, but still not the ideal. The midwife had to “tease” them out, which is not a fun experience. After than I needed two small stitches. Then I could hold you again and try to get you to nurse. You were born at 11:35 and you had APGARs of 8 and 9. They weighed you in at 9 lbs 12 oz and 22 inches long. You were certainly a big boy! We finally got all situated in bed and slept for a while, getting our temps and BP checked periodically. Around 9 in the morning, your daddy went to go get your big sister so that she could meet you. Nadia did very well meeting you for the first time and seemed to be quite well informed about you. I was very happy that we’d spent so much time talking about you and reading books about being a big sister. We were able to leave the center around 1 pm and your Babcia was there to meet you. She also took Nadia back home with her so that your daddy and I, as well as you, could get some more much needed sleep. It had been quite an exhausting 24 hours. But so worth it. I am so happy to meet you, little one and am looking forward to figuring out how to mother a boy-child. There are already some differences… what do you do that with that penis??? J But I love you so much. Thanks for coming here and choosing me as your mother. I hope I can be the mother that you need and deserve.

Love you,


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is it or isn't it?

Here is an update based on the pregnancy journal I've been keeping for this little one:
Well, sweetheart, it’s about 1:30 am in the morning of the 19th. This has been such a wacky ride that I really am still not sure if you’re really on your way or not. If you’re not, I’m really not sure what I’m going to do. It seems you like to get most of your contractions in at night, so I’ve slept poorly for several nights in a row now. I’ve also been waiting for your daddy to come to bed as well, which has not helped, but he’s been very busy trying to cram in a bunch of projects so that they are done before you get here.
So, the story for today is that yesterday morning (feels like this morning b/c I haven’t slept yet) I thought my water broke. Or at least leaked. So, I wanted your daddy to stay home from work and I got ready to have a baby… I packed up remaining things, put on makeup, did my hair, etc. I was determined to look good having my second baby! Then we took your big sister to stay with your Mimi. We got some breakfast and went to see the midwives. However, when we got there around 10 am, she said that it was not my water. I was so disappointed and frustrated. I’m really ready to meet you and I’ve been wondering if each twinge or pain is “the real thing.” When she told me that it could still be a couple days, I just couldn’t take it and started crying. Mommy’s not much of a crier, but the lack of sleep and the disappointment were overwhelming at that point. She checked a couple more things and it was somewhat encouraging to hear that I had dilated another centimeter since Tuesday, but still only a “tight two.” So, we spent the rest of the day doing regular things. We tried to take a nap, but I’m not sure how much we slept. We went out to a nice dinner and came home around 8. Daddy put Nadia to bed starting at 9. I tried to get to sleep, but I just couldn’t. Daddy came to bed around 11 and I started having some more painful contractions about every 20 minutes. I was trying to relax and at least sleep between them, but I just couldn’t get comfortable. Then they started to get closer together – 10 minutes or so. They were pretty painful laying down, I decided to get up around 1 and see if changing positions would either make them go away or make them less painful. As of now, 1:45, I am still having them, but they are 10 or more minutes apart and a bit less painful. I guess I’ll give them some time and see if they get closer together or more intense and decide whether or not to try to go back to bed. But despite this not being the exact timing I would prefer, I’m ready to get the show on the road, so to speak. And by the way, I did pick up those diapers, so if that’s what you’ve been waiting on, they’re here. So, baby Waclawski two…. Come on down….literally.

Love you,


Monday, September 15, 2008

Still Cookin'

Yep, nothing going on baby-wise. More random contractions, but no real labor. Now the only two left in the running for date are Cindy (today) and Emily (the 21st). I really should have known. Despite how big I look or anything anyone has said, it remains true that N. was a whole 6 days late. Why should I expect to be a week or so early?
I'll keep you posted.
On a random side note, does anyone have any experience with your potty trained kid suddenly just not making it to the bathroom on time? N. has been potty trained for 5 months now, and it's like the novelty has worn off and it's not as cool to go potty. So, while she makes it in time to get the majority in the potty, we're going through 5 or 6 underwear changes a day... Very annoying.
Any ideas?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rotten or over-ripe

Okay, so now I'm a brown banana. With mushy parts. A bruised peach. And I'm not even officially "overdue." I'm mostly irritated b/c I really thought labor was starting yesterday, but then the contractions went away. Then I got up at 3 this morning because of tiny bladder, and I had a few more which only succeeded in keeping my awake until 6 wondering when the next one was coming. And then they stopped. I didn't experience this with N. The day before she was born, I knew the contractions were different and that this was the real thing. I just had no idea how long it would last. This time, I feel like I can tell that they're "real" contractions, but they just come and go and aren't leading anywhere... frustrated.
Anyway, many of your predictions are now overdue, as a lot of people had me going early. If I manage to have the baby in the next 12 hours, that makes Mom and Karen tied for date... I think someone else has tomorrow: Shannon. I'm hoping to make one of you three the winner.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


I feel like a slightly freckled banana, or a soft juicy peach. That perfect time to enjoy the sweetness of a fruit before it starts to go bad... I look like I swallowed a watermelon. My torpedo of a belly is no longer "cute." I forget how large it is and run it into things like walls and doors that my mind's eye thinks I should be able to clear, forgetting that there's a ridiculously large protusion in the abdominal area that isn't ususally there. I can no longer wear most any of my clothes. I am stuck rotating the 5 things that still fit. I am not sleeping well. Each change of position requires a complete awakening, and I cannot stay on one side because the respective hip will go numb. I am waddling. Exercising is increasingly challenging. I tie my tennis shoes on the sides because I cannot bend down to tie them in the middle. I can balance certain items on the top of my belly. My belly button does not exist. I have a few stretch marks around the spot where my belly button used to be. I am physically and mentally ready, though I still have a "to do" list that really does require some attention. I feel perfectly ripe. Yet, the calendar tells me there are 13 days left. Suddenly, 13 days seems like a long time, and not just around the corner. I think God's purposely made it so that women are uncomfortable at this time of the pregnancy to prepare us for the pain. The attitude becomes - get this thing out of me no matter what it takes! I'll keep ya'll posted. My earliest predition is Monday, the 8th...