Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Anniversary Trip - Day 4 - The end

So, it seems we did not document the last day with any photographs, so it will just be narrative.

We got up some time around 8 and went looking for breakfast. We had intended to go back to the Continental because we'd eaten a great breakfast there a couple years ago, but apparently they don't open 'til 10 or so. So we just ended up going to Manhatten bagel. Prior to leaving the hotel, I had been having a bit of an allergy attack. While walking around looking for breakfast, I started to realize that part of my face was going numb. My upper lip, right top part of my mouth and teeth and it kept growing into my nose, eye and up into my head. It was quite freaky. I figured it had to be related to blowing my nose and that maybe I just hit a nerve or something. Those of you that know me well know that I blow my nose quite vigorously! Well, anyway, breakfast was good, if not exactly what we planned and despite the numbness, I was still able to chew.
We went back to the hotel, packed up and started riding, but I was in more and more increasing pain/worry about my head. I had to get M. to pull over at a rest stop and I got some medicine. It was really weird and bad. I also took my earrings out and left my sunglasses off because I wasn't sure what exactly was causing the problem. About an hour later, we reached our first stop - Stoudt's brewery near Lancaster and the pain had started to ebb and the numbness was starting to go away. Phew! For one, I thought there might be something seriously wrong with me, and for two, at the least, it was going to make for a very miserable ride home. (BTW, this has happened to me again since, and I have been trying very hard to only blow my nose gently. Has any one else every experienced or heard of this??)
So anyway, we were at Stoudt's, but they weren't quite open yet, so we took a walk around their antique section. Antiques are a weird thing for me. I really don't get why people place so much value on old stuff. Furniture I get because all the new stuff is such garbage, but why do people pay bunches of money for... old bottles? old figurines, nick-knacks, and various other objects that just get dusty. I digress...
We had a yummy appetizer and beers at Stoudts and then we were off to LBC - Lancaster Brewing Company. We got wings and another beer there. Then I did what I never thought I would do, but it was getting hot... I took my jacket off. I always wear my bike jacket. It has these skid pads and stuff that are supposed to protect you if you fall off... I just feel better with it on. Those people you see riding bikes in tank tops and shorts... not me. But I did this time, and it was nice.
Our last stop was in Gettysburg to ABC - Appalachian Brewing Company. This place was very pretty and we had a great lunch. But we stayed a little too long, which forced us to stay on the bike pretty much for the next 3 hours straight.
We arrived home around 9 pm and I was so excited to see the kiddos. C. started nursing right away, which was very relieving. One of my biggest fears was that he'd forget how to nurse while we were away.
So that is that. It was mostly nice. I won't go on such a big trip on that bike again, but it was nice to have done it. I'd like to go back to all the places we went and spend more time. I enjoyed spending a chunk of time just with hubby. Who knows when we'll get the chance to do it again!


Blogger greg. said...

erin, looks like you had a great time on your getaway. congratulations on 10 years! you probably didn't realize it, but new hope is like 30 minutes from our house! if you are ever out this way again, you better call!

7:16 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

i had no idea. i really don't know where in nj you guys are. how close are you to the beach?

5:19 AM  
Blogger Cindy said...

Erin I am so glad that you two got a way for a bit. It seems to be the thing to do with your 10 year aniversary! Greg and Shannon, Costa Rica, you and M. on your bike trip, Tim and I Hawaii They all sounded like really great trips and I think we get to brag about still being in our marriages after ten years too!

So how is this numbness thing? Did you talk to a Dr. about it?

6:26 AM  

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