Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Night weaning

C. is a little over 8 months now. 8 months! I can't believe it. And yes, I have just now started to night wean him. I remember this being a 2 week tortorous process with N. But with her, we didn't use these wonderful contraptions called nuks or binks or nunnies or paci's or whatever they're called in your neck of the woods. So, it hasn't been too bad. If he wakes up and I haven't gone to bed yet or I'm rational enough, I put his bink in while he's still in his bed and pat his belly and he'll go back to sleep, usually. For those middle of the night wakings, I usually just grab him out of his bed, tuck him in beside me and stick the bink in. By 5 am or so, I'll go ahead and feed him. So, this is where all of you who had their babies sleeping through the night in their own cribs by 2 months think I'm totally insane. Then there's a the other camp who'll find this normal, and then the other side who thinks I'm pushing him out too fast. Oh, the joys of parenting and making your own decisions! As much as I complained about having N. in our bed for so long (over 2 years), a big part of me realizes how quickly this stage will go and I enjoy cuddling with my little (giant) baby, because I know soon he will be walking and talking and sleeping in his own bed. Since he's my last baby, baring any whoopsies, I want to enjoy him...even if it means a little less sleep.


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