Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Seven Months

I guess if I'm going to claim this is a mommy blog, I should occasionally write about the little person who gave me that title. Today N. is seven months old. As in closer to 1 than to 0. I can't believe how fast the time is going. She's a beautiful, busy baby right now. She still has six teeth. I believe there may be more on the way, but it's hard to get in there and look around without risking bodily injury. She prefers to be on her belly, so changing her diaper and bath time have become something similiar to a WWF match. She can roll and scoot around to reach for things that she wants and she is STRONG. It's weird to me that those little baby arms and fingers could be that strong. She repeats sounds now... va,va,va,va is her favorite. I keep trying to get her to do mama or dada, but no luck yet. She loves hair. If there's a dog or a cat or a human around, she is going after that hair. And she loud. And still growling. It's the most adorable thing you ever heard when she starts growling. We think she may be copying the dogs, but we're not sure. She eats breastmilk, some formula, various cereals, yams, squash, eggplant, avacado, bananas, green beans, black beans and carrots. Next on the list to try is applesauce. Almost everything she's had so far I made in the food processor or blender. My mom bought her one container of baby food. She still does not really sleep through the night, though I think this is partially my fault. When she wakes up, I just bring her into bed with us and then she tends to want the boobies. I'm trying to work on this, but it's hard when you're working to worry about getting the baby to sleep in her own bed. I just want us all to sleep, period. Other than that, she's in 12 mo. clothes and seems to be thriving. I'll try to attach a picture in here...

Monday, October 09, 2006


M. and I went to Baltimore this weekend sans baby. I came back with not a single picture, but it is one of the prettiest cities I have ever been to. The inner harbor area is super cool and going places in a water taxi is pretty darn nifty. We went down to see Maceo Parker play. (Jazzy Funk) and check out some of the local brew pubs. It was a very fun trip, though by Sunday morning I was really missing my girl. If you ever get a chance, though, it's a great city to spend a weekend.