Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And to think, I went 4 years without a television...

An extremely rare event occured last night in our living room... I saw an episode of "Friends" which I had never seen before. Most of the time, I've seen whatever episode 2 or 3 times previously and know exactly what is going to happen. You may ask why I continue to watch a show I have already seen so many times. A fair question. My husband will frequently overhear the show as he's working on the computer and state with disgust, "I can't believe you watch that garbage." However, the answer is somewhat complex. For one, it is on at 8:00 (usually on some channel) and that is N.'s "witching hour." The hour I spend breastfeeding and trying to put an ornery one year old to bed. Seeing as that can take up to an hour, it's a nice distraction. But, you may ask, why not choose one of the many other new shows that are on at 8:00? Well, I really don't want to get emotionally involved in another show. Ever since CSI disappointed me, I've just not wanted to get "into" another show. And I'm still recovering from when Doug left ER. So, I'd just rather steer clear of another TV addiction. But, it's really more than that. Friends is like comfort food in the winter. Mashed potatoes, roast beef, chili, you know, it's THERE for you. Like that favorite novel that you turn to when you just need a quick fix of romance or fluff. (Anne of Green Gables series, anyone? Side note, I just finished reading "Rilla of Ingleside for the hundreth time.) My Friends are always there for me. I can ususally catch them somewhere anywhere between 7:00 and 10:00 pm. They're good friends. I can easily turn them on and turn them off.
However, tonight I am engaging in a repeat addiction... So You Think You Can Dance? See you on Fox.

Friday, June 01, 2007

On Sleep and single parenting

I don't know about the rest of you, but I enjoy getting into bed when I'm tired, doing a little light reading and then, poof, I'm out. Sleep is a good thing. You wake up feeling so much better. So, what is it with kids? Why do they act as if sleep is the worst evil they could ever encounter and they fight to the death. Right now, Nadia is in her crib screaming her head off, and has been for 15 minutes. This, after I spent 30 minutes getting her to sleep. As soon as I attempt to dump her off into the torture chamber that happens to be a very comfortable bed, she freaks out. She's exhausted. She's been cranky and frustrating all day. GO TO SLEEP. I just don't get it.

In other news, I will complete my first week of single parenting later this evening when M. returns. It was a short one. Next week will be short as well, as I am flying out Thursday for his best friend's wedding in NJ. I have to tell you, it's kinda hard. And I work. Which is like a break. That sounds terrible, but I'm not exactly sure how you SAHM's handle kids all day, every day. I'm not exactly the biggest "kid person," so maybe that's part of it. But those days when she's cranky and clingy and can't do anything on her own? Good Lord. And this week, I didn't even have anyone to dump her on and take a break. And I've got 7 months like this. I am extremely fortunate to have all sorts of family near by to lend a hand. If it wasn't for that, I couldn't do this. Single parents have to be the most incredible people in the world...