Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Anyone else out there finish reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? I finished in 2 nights of 6 hours each and I need to discuss!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

citizens of the commonwealth unite!

Okay, so I was driving the length of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania on Monday morning, when I began to notice a peculiar pattern. The lovely turnpike which we contribute who knows how much tax money towards, plus costing $25+ per crossing to travel on, is riddled with "construction zones." I'm not necessarily upset about a construction zone. That's par for the course in a region where the ground thaws and freezes several times a month. What I found peculiar were the numerous FAKE construction zones. By this I mean miles and miles of road marked as "under construction, double fines enfourced" where NOTHING was going on. Nothing, I should say, except Staties giving out tickets. And, this on a day when the govenor had shut down "non essential" personnel because of lack of a passed budget. Apparently, it is ESSENTIAL to ticket people for trying to drive across the state in less than six hours. I find this to be a ridiculous infringement on my rights. For one, I think it is entrapment for creating work zones where no one is working. Two, I pay a lot of freakin' taxes to this state and I should be able to travel on the country's first major interstate at 70 MPH when I am returning from vacation and don't want to spend six hours in a car with my 15 month old. Three, it's just plain morally wrong. I think my other commonwealth residents should join with me in a rebellion against this latest "tax collecting" scheme of our lovely Govenor Rendell. Any takers?