Friday, February 29, 2008

Emergency Response

So, Megan was writing about when to teach your kids to dial 9-1-1 and also about "escape plans." Call me paranoid, but I've always been one to try to think of ways to escape danger from where ever I am... Say, what if this bridge collapses? Make sure to open your window right away on the way down so you don't get trapped with the air pressure! What if someone jumps out of the woods at me as I am running on the trail? Kick groin! Scream loudly! Stab him with your keys! One of my personal favorites was when I was running at GCC on the back road by the corn fields. A couple of times I saw hunters out there with guns and my escape plan was... run! run into the corn fields! They will never find you there...
But none of this compares to last summer, when M. was in Philly all week long and I was sleeping at home by myself every night. We had already been trying to train N. to sleep in her own bed, but when he wasn't home, that quickly went out the window. How in the world would I be able to grab her out of her bed and get out of the house if someone broke in? So, she slept with me and I had visions of jumping out windows and sprinting across my large yard, as if I would be able to get to the neighbors house before a band of robbers would catch up with us... simply irrational. Fortunately, we live in a ranch, so fires and such aren't so scary. Just jump out a window; it's two feet.
So, anyway Meg, yes, I have many emergency plans, I'm just not sure how many of them are remotely realistic!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Is anyone else positively giddy over the return of "Dancing with the Stars" (DWTS)? After the writer's strike, I'm really sick of watching reruns of everything and I love DWTS, though I'm even more excited for summer and "SYTYCD." You should know what that stands for if you like dancing shows. However, I have to say, I'm a little bummed about the contestents this time around:
Other than Kristi Yamaguchi (figure skater), I really don't know any of the contestents. But if I have to make an early prediction, I like the thought of Kristi vs. Cristián de la Fuente . Don't know anything about him, but boy, is he smokin' hot. I like a dark looking man. Strange how I married a blonde Polish man... :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Okay, so I'm not the most domestic person. I don't decorate, I don't do "crafty" things, I barely keep my house presentable and manage to get clothes in drawers and food on tables. I think this is partially because I work outside the house, but it's also not my forte. I don't enjoy most "domestic" things. I cook a lot of the same meals over and over... So, over the weekend, after having some Chinese take out, I decided to look through the cookbook to see how hard it would be to make my own Sweet and Sour chicken.
Let me first say this about most recipes, who has all that stuff in their house? Cooking a variety of meals must mean that you have a variety of foods in your house, and I just don't. Since I don't meal plan (my first fault, I know), there's not a chance that I just happen to have, say, a few leeks lying around in my fridge. So, I get frustrated when I try to be creative and then discover that a special shopping trip would be in store if I wanted to make anything other than stirfry, spaghetti or grilled chicken. (Yes, you all feel bad for my poor hubby... believe me, he doesn't starve.)
That aside, I was pleasantly surprised that the only "weird" thing that I would need to make sweet and sour chicken was a can of pinapples! No strange spices that I'd never heard of, no weird vegtables, just a can of pinapples. On top of that, talk about easy, breezy... this was a very simple recipe. I was thinking that it would be kind of bland because there's really nothing in it, and we tend to like spicier foods, but it turned out delicious and it will graduate to the rotation. If you're interested in the recipe, let me know. If you know other simple, use what you have in your kitchen type recipes, please send them my way!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On Blogging

You know, I'm surprised at how lazy I am at this blogging thing. When I was pregnant with Nadia, I was so disappointed that I never got to start an online pregnancy journal because I thought I would write something all the time. When I started this blog, I thought I would write all the time. But I just find myself not having a whole lot to talk about that I would deem internet worthy. Life is so lifey right now. Just regular day in, day out type stuff. I could tell you all the horrid details of an awful flu bug we all go last week, but let's face it, how interesting is, "we are sick. very very sick. do not visit if in the area." That is the most eventful thing that has happened lately. Oh, and we bought Nadia a toddler bed that we are *unsuccessfully* attempting to sleep train her in. So far, I think she's been in there, by herself, a combined total of 2 hours since Sunday. Yeah, it going that well. Any co-sleepers out there that have advice on getting a 2 year old to sleep in her own bed, please comment. And so, that's it. And yet, I will take it. I will take life being lifey. Because, while stuff happening can be exciting, it can also be traumatic. I'll take the quiet days...