Thursday, January 18, 2007


s in review Ahh. It's January 2nd. Back to the rhthym and routine. Back to the diets and the resolutions and the commitments. It feels good to be back. The craziness of Christmas is a wonderful time, and we really enjoyed our first Christmas as parents. N. was too young to really grasp much this Christmas. Her favorite presents being the paper they were wrapped in, scotch tape covered in dog hair, and, of course, the boxes. But it was a fun time. I was impressed that my mother did not go crazy with the gifts. N. got a big chest for her toys, some books, a Care*Bear, and one battery powered alphabet toy. I really want to stay away from the battery operated toys. I think they ruin kid's imaginations. I have proclaimed this heartily to everyone, but just like the sugar and the salt, I guess Grandma's just do what they want. At least its a learning toy, I guess.New Year's weekend was very understated and relaxed compared to Christmas. We stayed home. We loved it. We watched some football that was on REGULAR TV, watched some DVD's (we're now huge American Chopper fans...) and just generally vegged out. It was very relaxing.And now, it is 2007. Every year I feel this way. Ready for a fresh, new year. 2006 held the promise of a baby, and in so much, it was a year to remember forever. But 2006 was also a year of turmoil and confusion and adjustments. I don't feel that way about 2007. I'm sure this new, fresh year will have it's share of trials and tribulations, but I feel good about where I'm headed, what my/our goals are, our plans and our hopes and our dreams. Resolutions have been set, goals have been made. It's good. I know a lot of people are down on resolutions. It's setting yourself up for failure. And it's true. I probably will not floss my teeth every night. But if I don't commit to it, it will most certainly never happen. And that's just the way this life is. You try and your fail sometimes, but does that mean you should have never tried?