Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Death of a pump

Full time breastfeeding while working can definitely present its challenges. I am lucky to have my own office where I can shut the door and take care of business without feeling awkward. Granted, there was that one time the cleaning lady walked in on me, but other than that, I've had no issues having the time and privacy to pump milk for the kiddos. The pump on the other hand... geesh. I bought my first pump on ebay for something like $100. But the person who sold it wasn't exactly honest and I thought I was buying a pump in style, and instead I bought an older model, called the double ease. Now before someone lectures me, yes, I do know that you're not *supposed* to buy used pumps because the milk can get in the pump... Can and DOES. I am fortunate to not have an issue with milk supply, and several times, when I wasn't paying attention (because I was reading someone's blog!) I over pumped the bottle and milk got into the lines and thus into the hose and machine (and then all over me. And it stains!) I'm guessing this isn't really good for the pump because recently my well-worn good friend just stopped creating suction. This happened once before and we took her apart, cleaned her up and she was as good as new. However, this time, after the same process, it just didn't sound right. I had the forboding feeling that we were close to a complete break down. And what would I do? Spend $380 on a new one? Try to bid on another on ebay and pay for overnight shipping? Well, my cousin's wife also recently had a baby and unforunately, her job is not conducive to pumping. She tried for a while, but she had to use the bathroom and it just wasn't working out for her. So, she offered to let me borrow hers. Later that same day, my old friend died again. So, I took her up on her offer, and now I am using a very attractive and super fast pump in style! I didn't know what I've been missing all this time. It has a cool looking bag, it creates a lot more suction and pumps so much faster! I've cut my pumping time in half! While I miss my old friend, the double ease (smaller, works on 2 batteries, etc.), I am so relieved not to have to buy another one and so impressed with the new one.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Okay, so i know there are some SYTYCD fans out there who are all snobby about DWTS. While i can see your point, i am still a fan of both. And in case you didn't know, there are now two SYTYCD graduates on DWTS - Lacey Schwimmer is in her second season and Chelsea Hightower is in it this year. I started out being a little disappointed this season with Jewel getting hurt and that lack of many "real" celebs among the men. But it has become entertaining anyway. Plus, who knew Chuck Wicks was so cute! So, give it a chance, snobs!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

i promise

When I say that I hate February, I really, really mean it. And when February lingers into March, I start to get angry. When I got up on March 2nd with many errands to run with 2 snotty nosed, ear infected kids and saw the thermometer reading 12 with a windchill of -5, looked out the window to see more white stuff coming out of the sky, I was mad. Four days into this month, and it's yet to get over 20 degrees. This has been a long, hard winter. I am tired of lugging kids around with blankets and big coats and hats and gloves. I'm tired of running out in my slippers to start the truck and make sure it runs for at least 10 minutes to even start to get the chill out. I'm tired of leaving in the dark and getting home in the dark...
But there is hope. I don't have to leave the light on outside anymore. There are little green things coming out of the ground in the flower bed. There was talk of what to put in the garden this year. It may be slow this year, but I'm guessing Spring really will come in another couple weeks. I am dreaming of light sweaters, muddy grass, daffodils and robins. I cannot wait to give the old treadmill a break and head outside with the big double jogging stroller. I cannot wait for that first dinner we have outside in the yard. There's the long days, the warm sun, the anticipation of growing things.
This promise I make you: I will not utter one complaint about the heat of summer. I have made this promise before and kept it, even pregnant. I will savor those sweaty moments.