Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Healed and ONE!

Two weeks ago I was pronounced healed and able to resume all regular activities. I started back on the treadmill last Monday and thought I felt pretty good. I was somewhat sore, but not as bad as I expected. So this Monday, I decided to try to do my "old" routine including a mile on incline. OUCH. I only make 1/2 mile and thought I might die. So, taking 6 weeks out of your work out routine, along with having surgery, does definitely set you behind. But, I am happy to say that at least everything feels normal. I did sit ups and everything. So, that's that.

I cannot believe I forgot to write about C. turning ONE! Geesh. I am so terrible at blogging.

So, here's a couple pics of the cake destruction:

Good grief, I'd post more, but it's so obnoxious that they show up at the beginning of the post and are so hard to move.
So, my baby's one. Well, now, he's 14 months old. He's been walking. He doesn't say much. Just uh-oh, mama and a word for all the animals that is not dog or cat. But it is a consistent word that he always uses when one of them comes around. He is a force of destruction. His favorite activity is to make big messes. Box of puzzle peices? Dump them out and fling them around as far as possible. Cabinet of cans? Take them all out and roll them all over the place. Bowl of dog water? Dump it all over the floor and self. (That one makes me insane.) Food on my high chair tray that I don't want to eat? Fling all over the dining room. (This is where the dogs do come in handy.) I think you get the point. I've gotten so tired of just cleaning up after him multiple times/day that I just leave it. When M.'s out of town for a couple days, I'm just letting it be all over the place. The state of my house is a whole post in itself... But C. is very adorable. He still really likes to be held. He holds those chubby arms up with that little dimple smile and you really can't resist. He gives these monkey hugs where he sqeezes so hard around your neck. He LOVES to be outside. I don't know what I'm going to do with him all winter. He tries to escape whenever possible and throws these humerous fits (humerous is that he doesn't throw himself to the ground, but cautiously falls to his butt, shoulder, head so he doesn't get hurt on the hard wood.) when he's thwarted. He also loves to steal things from his sister and run cackling away. He's still a giant. Over 100% on all the charts. He's still breastfeeding 3-4 times/day. I think he'll probaby wean later than N. She was 16 months and I don't see him weaning in another 2 months. He also still does NOT sleep through the night. At this point, I'm kind of over it. I just go get him between 12 and 2 am and he sleeps with us. I usually end up feeding him around 5:30 or 6 am. I'm not freaking out about it. It just is and it will eventually end.
So, there's C's one year update. I can't believe next I'll be writing about N.'s 4th! Birthday! Holy cats.


Blogger Lindsay Louise said...

you forgot to mention his toothless grin... that's one of the most unique and special parts of C. it just adds to him being "all boy."

3:20 PM  
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