Wednesday, July 30, 2008

34 weeks

So, I haven't been saying much about this pregnancy. I think I've been in some kind of weird haze that I have all the time in the world to get ready for this baby. However, the calendar is now talking back to me... It's saying things like, "7 weeks is LESS than 2 months. Two months go by in about a second these days." And, "There's no guarentee that this one will wait until it's due date. Those Braxton-Hicks contractions you're having already could well mean s/he could be early." Early. I can't possibly imagine. N. was a week late.
I think I finally took the hint over the weekend and busted out the newborn clothes and washed them all. I took inventory of what I need... certainly NOT sleepers, blankets or washcloths! Onsies and new bottles are on the list. I broke out the breast pump and made sure it was still funtioning after 18 months of retirement in the basement. I need some breastmilk bags. I borrowed a bassinet.
I am going to try really hard to keep this baby out of our bed, though part of me is really saddened by this. I feel like I'm not being fair. N. still sleeps with us for a few hours in the wee sma's. I feel like our bond is so strong partially because of the co-sleeping. But the other part of my brain reminds me how annoying it is to try to sleep with a toddler. How annoying it is to take up to an hour to get her to sleep at night. Ahh, but should my annoyance alter my instincts? I really don't know. Practically, though, there's just not any more room in our bed! I couldn't possibly have a newborn in our bed with a 2 year old. Somebody is bound to roll off.
Then there's N. herself! I really think this is going to be a difficult transition for her, despite all the talk we are always doing about the baby. Where the baby will sleep, how the baby will eat, how she can help with the baby, that the baby will come out of mommy's belly, etc. She's all enthusiastic until I say things like, "these are the baby's clothes," and I get, "No, Mine!" Or, "this is the baby's bed", "No, MINE!" But mostly, I worry about her having to share me. She still strongly prefers mommy for everything and will often throw insane, untypical tantrums if daddy does things instead (putting her to bed, giving her a bath, etc.) So, while I know it will all work out in the end, I'm trying to prepare myself for some unusual behavior from her in the first couple weeks. I've been trying to get to the bookstore to pick up some recommended reading for preparing for a sibling, but haven't made it there yet... and the clock keeps ticking...

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Okay, so this is a little late, being as how the finale for "So You Think You Can Dance" is only 2 weeks away, but while I have been watching, I haven't been as into the dancers this year. Their personal stories just don't seem as interesting and I think the dancing was better last year. Plus, I'm bummed that Karrington was eliminated instead of Comfort. It seems like Comfort's going to be around for a while, even though I really don't think she deserves to be. But she's apparently popular. I do have to admit that she is definitely more interesting than a lot of the other girl contenstents, but I just don't think she's a better dancer.
And I really don't think any of the guys are on par with guys from previous seasons. They get the job done, but they just don't really grab your attention...
What are other people's thoughts on this season??