Monday, June 29, 2009

Day Three

This recap business is hanging over my head! Okay, so day three...

We had an absolutely delightful breakfast on the porch of Porches, the B&B we stayed in at New Hope(notice all the porches.) Despite my initial frustration of having no hairdryer, it really was adorable, quaint and breakfast rocked. Including the coffee. However, that didn't stop us from visiting the Starbucks around the corner. After breakfast, we took a walking tour of New Hope and went across the river to Lambersville, NJ.

Then it was time to get back on the bike and take the slow way to Philly, which included stopping at several of M's old haunts during his stay in Perkasie 2 years ago.

We parked the bike up on the sidewalk in down town Philly and got checked in. We went downstairs to get a drink, only to discover the hotel bar was under construction. So, we headed down to an Irish pub just a few blocks away. We were having a great time, but I just really wanted to freshen up. Remember, we were supposed to do that dress up dinner anniversary thing... well, you know those best laid plans... We headed back and we did freshen up, but I just wasn't feeling the outfit I brought, so it was jeans again. M. took me to this happening place where he ordered me a "Pim's cup." He'd been talking about it for months. It was indeed very good, cucumber slice and all. We had an excellent appetizer of Ahi tuna. I don't recall why we left, but we went in search of steak and ended up at a place called "Prime Rib." It basically reminded me of Morton's or Ruth Chris... everything is ala carte and expensive, but also delicious. There was a roudy table of guys for a bachelor party behind us that were creating quite a scene. Not quite the romantic dinner we had in mind, but certainly entertaining. Despite the commotion (that got us free drinks), I was able to give M. his gift. Which was a new wedding band. He lost his original at the beach 2 years ago after I had finally gotten it sized up. He hadn't worn it for several years. So, here we were, 10 years later and finally correctly ringed up. :)

It was getting late, but I really wanted to make the most of our last night out. I forced M. into going back to the Irish pub, but the atmosphere had completely changed and was, well, just annoying. So, our last night we made it to about 12:30. Not once did we have that night we were expecting of partying to the wee sma's. In actuality, despite all of our various stops at locations that serve libations, we were very conservative. When one is on two wheels, it is best to be a little careful that you don't fall off.

Day 4 at a later date.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day Two

So, where'd we leave off? Going to bed early the first night.... right.

So the second day, we had a great breakfast (minus the coffee) and got on the road a little after nine. Our next destination was Wagner's Winery and Brewery. We've been there several times, and it's always fun. But we're not normally there before noon.

We got there right as it opened and had a nice, though lengthy wine tasting (some of those folks love to listen to themselves talk) and then moved on to the beer. Same guy did another long beer tasting and then when we bought a pitcher and some snacks, you would have thought he'd never seen a cash register before...

Outside on their giant deck, we shared our beer and I got this:

Now, some of you may be wondering... what? That looks like the engagement ring you got over 10 years ago... and you would be correct. I bent a prong about 3 years ago and have not been wearing my ring since then. So, I'm very happy to have her back.

This place has some swans that are really mean and bite you when you get close, so of course...

He actually bit my leg throuogh my jeans and gave me a nasty bruise.

So, we got back on the road and managed to stay dry for a while, but it caught up with us eventually. It was during this time I was thinking... Cindy goes to Hawaii, Shannon goes to Costa Rica...why am I riding a motorcycle in the rain in Pennsylvania??? But negativity doesn't help anything. We found a place to stop for late lunch near the Poconos. I don't remember the name, but it was another brewery. Then it was on to New Hope. Despite the rain, there was a lot of nice scenery on the way. We went along the river and saw numerous old, beautiful houses. We finally made it to our B&B by 7:30 pm. This was "supposed" to be our nice dinner out since it was out actual anniversary. However, upon getting into our room, I realized there was no hair dryer... Hmmm. And the lady on duty had left the premises. Plus it was still raining outside and there was no way I was getting back on that bike. So, we readjusted our expectations and decided we'd do our special dinner tomorrow in Philly. We bar hopped for a while, but again, just ended up coming back to our room around 11 or so. Riding a bike is hard work!

Day three recap... sometime. :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Anniversary Trip Recap

So, my life has been crazy since we got back from this trip, but I felt like I was leaving ya'll hanging with no recap...

We headed out early on Thursday...7:30 am, and froze all the way to get breakfast. After a great breakfast, we got back on the bike and froze again for another 2 hours, including getting a ticket. Not the greatest way to start out. We made it to Ellicotville, NY to our first microbrewery for lunch. It was finally not uncomfortably cold on the bike, but it was getting to be a long day, and I was really looking forwarded to getting in and settled. But as we were driving right by some wineries on our way in, we stopped at two. By the time we got to the hotel, we realized that the other wineries were already closed. So, we showered, walked around the adorable town of Hammondsport, had a delicious dinner, and headed home early. The intent had been to go to the Irish pub and stay til the wee sma's, but we were just too tired... This ended up being somewhat of a theme...
So, that was Day 1.
I'll post about Day 2 tomorrow... hopefully.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

10 years... and counting

Inspired by greg's post of his trip to Costa Rico for his 10th anniversary, I thought I'd share our less exotic plans to celebrate 10 great years. We were originally intending on going for a week sans kiddos, but given the fact that C. is only 8 months old and still a very avid nursling, we trimmed the itinerary down to 4 days. We are going for a (motor)bike trip up through the Finger Lakes region of NY (read:wineries) down through Eastern PA to New Hope, then onto Philly and then back home. We have lots of little stops planned along the way (read: pumping) and are excited to visit some old haunts and find some new places that will mark the event. While I have still have some reservations for leaving my little ones behind, I am looking forward to making some wonderful memories with my husband. I'll let you know how it all works out. Happy Anniversary to me (and Cindy/Tim, Shannon/Greg and Megan/Matt!)