Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Well, it's official. We have a walker on our hands. N. is absolutely no longer content to crawl or "quawk." If you're wondering was quawking is, I'll explain. Shortly after learning to crawl, N. started walking on her knees. It soon became her preferred mode of movement. Since it's between crawling and walking, my aunt coined the term quawking. But, literally, in a week, we went from a couple cautious steps to all out walking. It's really rather amazing that it happens that fast. And along with the walking has come 3 nasty spills. She's bloodied her lips twice and chipped a tooth! These are the times I would dearly love carpet.

On a separate note, this weekend my family, including parents and brother and sister and significant others, are headed up to the finger lakes for what's become an annual May tradition. We will be touring and tasting at the numerous wineries around the lake. My personal goal this year is to act like an almost 30 year old adult and not pass out by 5:00 pm. Because, um, no, that's never happened before...