Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Together again

Okay, so i started this post a while ago about how M. is now back from Philly, but it somehow turned into a b*tch fest about all the things that annoy me about him. So, i scrapped it. Must have been having a bad day. So, anyway, back to the crux of the matter... our family is back together again. And it is nice. Granted, there were some habits formed on both our parts while we were away that we now have to un-learn, but i guess that was to be expected. But it's so nice to have someone who's home with you every night and who helps do all those millions of daily chores and takes care of the car stuff, etc. Not to mention sleeping in the same bed again... before you get too crazy thinking about that, N. still sleeps with us. Every night. All night. Usually with her head on my chest/belly and her feet on M. It has not been very condusive to fulfilling her newest obsession with babies, if you know what i mean.
So, it's good. We're working on getting back into a routine. M. starts a new job on Monday, so i guess getting into a routine will have to wait until then. He's really excited about this new position and really thinks it will be a huge career boost. i really hope so, for both our sakes.
N. is on the brink of talking, i think. The last two weeks have seen a sudden increase in words. i was starting to get concerned because she really didn't have very many words, despite everyone telling me that it was no big deal. But lately, we've gotten, "more," "juice," "light, ""cat," "doggie," "bad,"to add to the old momma, dadda, football. She has been sick for the last 3 weeks and her ears are still getting infected. i'm really frustrated by this because we barely got through last winter without tubes, and if she's start this already, i'm afraid we won't get through this winter. She was supposed to grow out of it. Anyone else been through this? All your kids are at home, so probably not... it's all those daycare germs. Sigh.
Anyway, that's what's been going on out this way. Not terribly exciting, i know!