Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa, Baby!

So, again, N. would NOT sit on Santa's lap. It's a very strange thing to me because she's a very gragarious personality most of the time. She very rarely gets shy. But something in a big red-suited guy with the big white beard just freaks her out, despite our urgings that she must tell him what she wants for Christmas. Her response was, "you can tell him!" So, this year, M. got to be in the Santa pictures. I've been in the last two. C. obviously had no issues.
Christmas has been an interesting season so far. For one, we actually got our tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving. I think that's a record. But, in general, it's been a bit of a season of change. There are a lot of "issues," for lack of better word, going on in both extended families, and some traditions have changed because of this. It's bittersweet, really. I hold strongly to traditions. But I also recognize that sometimes change is not only necessary, but good. So, I'm looking forward to doing some things differently this year. We are actually going to be hosting a Christmas Day Brunch. For many years, we all went to my mom's for brunch and then dinner later. Brunch was M.'s favorite part of Christmas. When the kids came, it became difficult to get over to mom's that early and mom was tired of spending the entire day in the kitchen. My sister and I attempted to do some brunchy type things with our own family's at home, but it just wasn't as cool. So, we're going to try this. Since we have the kids and we like BIG BREAKFAST, we're the Brunch makers. I'm excited, though a little concerned as well. You know that pressure of being responsible for part of a holiday and people (even just family) at your house... well, it stresses me out. I'm not a natural hostess. But M.'s doing most of the cooking, so maybe I should just relax. :)
This is also the first year N. is really into Christmas. I'm so excited for Christmas morning!! 3 days and counting!