Tuesday, November 28, 2006


We had a very relaxing and low key Thanksgiving and following weekend. N. and I spent most of the day Thursday at my mom's helping to prepare the meal and hanging out with family. M. came over before dinner and it was just the 7 of us. We ate kind of late because my brother had football practice... hey, nothing is more important than D1 football, right? N. had sweet potatoes, white potatoes, a few lima beans, and 3 itty bitty pieces of turkey. She enjoyed her first Thanksgiving dinner. My mom even gave her some apple pie later on.
We had plans to go over to my aunt's later for a more extended family get together, but it just got so late so fast that we ended up just staying at my mom's. It was good for N. to spend that much time with my mom. It hurts my mom's feelings when N. cries when she tries to hold her, but it's just mostly because N's not familiar enough with her.
Friday, we went out to breakfast and then to the Strip to get food to make for M's mom. She came over around 3 and hung out with N. while I made dinner. I didn't like the idea of making Thanksgiving dinner all over again, so we had salmon, asparagas with hollandaise sauce and rice. Do you know how fattening that sauce is? A whole stick of butter and 3 egg yolks does not a skinny person make.
The rest of the weekend we just did random stuff. We did get some chores done, but mostly just relaxed and watched football, etc. Since the Steelers were playing so terribly on Sunday, M. and I went out for a bike ride and then met up with my parents and N. later.
While I wish that we might have gotten a few more work-type things done, it was nice to just bum around and do whatever.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I've been meaning to get on here and address some things - inappropriate laughter and Halloween for sure.
Our Halloween was a bust. Nadia had a very high fever, and she's so little that we didn't even consider trick or treating. She didn't actually even put her bunny costume on for a picture because I just felt so bad for her that I didn't want to torture her any more than necessary. With the medicine and the nose sucking, it just didn't seem fair to add "stuffing into costume."
On the topic of inappropriate laughter, brought up by Megan, I also suffer terribly from this. Any time someone gets hurt (not too badly) or just any awkward moment is happening, my initial response is to just start to giggle. Sometimes, it can be very inappropriate, especially if someone is in pain and I'm laughing away!! My sister and I both suffer from this problem and have discussed it a few time about how uncontrollable it is. Does everyone have this problem, or is it just Megan, me and my sister?? :)