Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Well, I have to say that transitioning from one baby to two babies is not easy. I just don't have the luxury to relax and simply bond with C. with N. running around like a typical two year old. I was also not healing nearly as fast as I did after N.'s birth, despite this one being an easier birth. So, M. put his foot down and took N. to daycare for the past three days, and I have literally done nothing more strenuous than wash a few dishes and sit on the couch. C. and I have had some good bonding time and it's so nice to just spend time getting to know the little guy.

++++ Several days have now past. I've now had N. home with me for two straight days and I'm managing to survive. I've also actually been able to vacuum the floors and clean the bathroom. Gross. Just not something that men... or at least my man, does well.
So, we're hanging in there. N. went through a phase of not going to the potty... last Tuesday, I think I changed her clothes 10 times. I know this is normal, but so aggravating in the midst of everything else. I'm combatting it by simply taking her to the potty every hour and making her go. She's also gotten attached to a pacifier, which is odd since she never had one as a baby. She did also ask if she could "eat your boobs." I just said no. I wasn't even going there. But isn't that funny? That's what she calls C. eating... "mommy, C. eat mommy's boobs?" And then she gets one of her teddy bears and says, "My baby eat my boobs," as she pretends to nurse a teddy bear. I find it to be quite humourous.

So, anyway, thanks for all the well wishes. We're doing okay!


Blogger stella g. said...

i'm glad to know that transition is transitioning. i know one to two is a tough jump. though comments about eating boobies will always bring the comic relief your day probably needs. :)

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